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Welcome to the world of glass beads

Immerse yourself in the glitter and shine of the glass beads!

Many wonderful works can be made from sustainable jewelry boxes, plants, flowers, pictures and signs. Works can also be customized with logo or initials according to your needs.

Enchant your home or office with handmade sustainable designs and enjoy the wonderful effects of the works, or make family or friends happy with special gifts.

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Neue Designs

Introduction to the creator of the glass bead world

production example of an artwork

Designs können sich drehen, fahren, Geräusche machen, Illusionen hervorrufen und vieles mehr!


Migerelias Art ist derzeit auf der Suche nach einem Investor.
Das Vorhaben: Eine nachhaltige Handarbeitsproduktion aufbauen und die Welt Stück für Stück von Plastikdekorationen befreien.
Ebenso will Sina anderen Kreativen die Möglichkeit geben, von Design und Kreativität leben zu können. In großen Teams wäre es möglich große Kunstwerke zu erschaffen.
Nur gemeinsam können wir eine bessere Zukunft schaffen und eine Möglichkeit finden, die Resourcen der Erde zu schonen.

Bei Interesse und allen weiteren Informationen nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt auf.

Mit Nachhaltigkeit und Design kann viel hergestellt werden

Stellen Sie sich die Designs im Großformat vor.
Was wäre möglich, wenn mehrere Teams an großen Kunstwerken arbeiten würden?

Benefits of sustainable designs

- Consists of purely sustainable and high-quality materials

- Longevity:
With good care, they will last a whole millennium

- Plasticfree and environmentally friendly

- The products glitter and shine and give
the effects of your home or office create a special atmosphere

- Shatterproof: Because glass panes and
mirrors are enclosed in the glass beads, the products are extremely stable

- Stability: With the wire it is possible that
To keep glass beads stable. If products fall down, they can
can be straightened at any time

- Free repair service

I bought a beaded box from Migerelias Art and was totally surprised how well it goes with my interior. I was already excited about the idea of ​​sustainability when I bought it. The service offered is also great, in case one or the other has to be sent back. I am very satisfied and will definitely get the next design soon :)
Timo H.
I own several small decorative items and a mural from Migerelias Art. All are real eye-catchers in the room. The glitter of the pearls makes them immediately noticeable. I am fascinated by the diversity of this art and the stability of the products. The products are also made from high-quality glass beads and do not contain any plastic. Migerelias Art pays great attention to quality and highest customer satisfaction and thus makes the world a little more beautiful and creative!
Tamara G.
I had a birthday present made for a friend. The glass bead flower was really well received, and other friends were also enthusiastic about the gift. If you are looking for a special gift, I can warmly recommend Migerelias Art. Especially when you are looking for a special gift.
Bianca M.

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