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Instructions for use

If you take good care of them, the designs will last you forever and will still look beautiful after 15-20 years, and the products will last for a millennium. 18 years of experience in glass bead art has shown how long the products last.


The products are ONLY suitable for decorative purposes.

Jewelry boxes can be used as storage.

The products are not toys and are not suitable for children.

The products must be kept away from children.

The products contain small parts that can be swallowed, if your child plays with them and the decorations should break, small parts can fall off and be swallowed.

Keep the products away from cats, dogs and other pets.
There is also a risk of swallowing here!

Do not water decorative plants and flowers as they are pure decorations.

Decorative food, (example sushi) is ONLY for decoration and is not edible!


Protect products from excessive sunlight. (Could fade some colors of the glass beads.)

If you do not want dust to get on the decorations and you want to save yourself dust cleaning, then you can store the works in showcases or other glass containers.

Keep products in a safe place where nothing can fall on the works. If objects fall on the works, it can happen that they break. Most of the time, the works can be beautifully restored. It always depends on which heavy objects fall on the decorations.


You can clean plants and flowers with a feather duster, duster, etc. (if necessary). Handle with care when cleaning. The decorations can also be bent back as you wish. Your instinct is required here.

It is best to clean glass panes and mirrors with a cloth for glasses or a glass cleaner, if the cloth is not enough for you.

You will receive a cleaning cloth free of charge for the glass panes and mirrors, if the decoration contains them.