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about us

Founder and glass bead designer: Sina Divina Arcania (artist name)

At the age of 10, I was already fascinated by glass bead art and gained my first experience in the areas of pearl necklaces and pearl animals. At the age of 18 I discovered plants and flowers and found a sustainable alternative to plastic. With the works, I have always made family and friends happy on birthdays or other occasions.

In search of my passion, I finally came across glass beads and founded Migerelias Art in 2018.

Sustainability established itself in 2019.

Especially in 2020 and from 2021 I built in more sustainable materials and tried out a lot. So it came about that a lot of new designs became possible. For example, engraving enabled a whole new level of design.

By trying things out and breaking creative boundaries, I developed the term Out-of-System designer. Since art now goes far beyond glass beads and wire and the design has never existed in this format.

Migerelias Art stands for sustainable products that remove a piece of plastic from the environment and at the same time beautify your surroundings.